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We can’t stop time, and thanks to SHARÛ medical beauty we don’t have to. Thanks to 20 years of successful applications in dermatological and therapy-accompanying skin care.

Your daily skin care you don't want to do without

Your first encounter with “SHARÛ medical beauty” is an experience of pure comfort and luxury.

The patented brand name "SHARÛ” has its origins in the Far East and means "beautiful" and "attractive". Together with the addition “medical beauty” the brand name “SHARÛ medical beauty” in its entirety conveys the competence of our products. For more than 20 years now we have been producing clinical, therapy-accompanying products. This long-term dermatological experience is consistently united in the premium products of the brand "SHARÛ medical beauty".

Healthy anti-aging skin care

Our top priority - and what distinguishes a product - focuses mainly on efficiency, sensitivity and results. For reasons of professional responsibility towards our customers we deliberately refrain from using ingredients rated critical according to today’s standards. It is not unusual that the market offers first class effects products in which the efficiency (anti-aging) and responsibility towards the consumer are entirely neglected. Various evaluations of ingredients established in current microbiological and histological tests prove this.

The selected active agents, intensive dermatological research and development used by “SHARÛ medical beauty” counteract this problem. This enables us to constantly guarantee a first class processing of the best ingredients to create a “healthy” anti-aging skin care. With its active ingredients the systematic skin care by “SHARÛ medical beauty“ gives your skin new radiance and opens up new dimensions for your appearance. Enjoy more anti-aging every day.

Science / Research

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