Serum with capillary strengthening effect

capillary flavonoid tuner

The SHARÛ “capillary flavonoid tuner” is a 2in1 combination of hyaluronic acid and an active agent complex gained from bioflavonoids from orange peel. Its effect against oxidative stress to the skin makes this concoction an excellent remedy for UV-radiation damaged skin. It has been known since 1936 that citrus flavonoids can reverse an increased capillary fragility which can reveal itself in the formation of red blotches on the skin (cuperosis). The timely application of this serum can prevent a lot in advance. With this complex your skin will gain a more regular and even appearance.

Apply a small amount of the serum to the required areas two or three times a day with your finger and spread evenly. Wait for a moment until the serum has been absorbed and then apply the SHARÛ cream of your choice.

Hyaluronsäure, Bioflavonoide, Aminosäuren, Bisabolol

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