2in1 Moisturising elixir

duplex collagen booster

The extraordinary lifting powers of the duplex collagen booster make it the “elixir” among the products of the SHARÛ medical beauty system care range. This is achieved through the combination of hyaluronic acid, amino acid and bioflavonoids. The different molecule sizes of the hyaluronic acid enable it to reach its site of action in various layers of the skin. By boosting the skin’s production of collagen and elastin the amino acids make the skin considerably more elastic and firm. With their anti-inflammatory effect the bioflavonoids are ideally suited for the treatment of skin prone to redness. Thanks to its gel texture the duplex collagen booster can be used together with all SHARÛ creams. The booster is recommended for all skin types.

Apply a few drops of this anti-aging elixir in the mornings and evenings and pat in gently with your fingers. After the elixir has been absorbed you can apply a SHARÛ cream of your choice.

Hyaluronsäure, Aminosäuren, Rutin

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