Firming 24h cream with smoothing effect

moisture cream 24h

You can use SHARÛ “moisture cream 24h” as an alternative to the SHARÛ “prime day cream” or to complement it. The cream has a unique, innovative structure which enables a particularly intensive surface smoothing of the skin. Its gel-cream structure combined with Vitamin E, zinc oxide and hyaluronic acid make this cream a global play in the premium anti-aging range. As a high performance supplier of moisture and a reliable partner with regard to protection the SHARÛ “moisture cream 24h” is high-performance cosmetics for your skin. Start this anti-aging process and your skin will visibly gain elasticity and vitality. Suitable for all skin types.

Apply SHARÛ “moisture cream 24h” in the morning and evenings or as required, best after cleansing. Apply the cream to the relevant skin areas and massage in gently. The cream is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling nothing but velvety soft.

Wertvolle Aminosäuren, Hyaluronsäure, Vitamin E, Kieselsäure, Cholesterin

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