Double peptide cream with lifting effect and medium consistency

refine collagen cream

A real treat for your skin. The double peptide effect based on a tetrapeptide and dipeptide composition ensures maximum results. The tetrapeptide enables an increased synthesis of extracellular matrix components (consisting of tissue and fibres); the dipeptide, the anti-wrinkle substance Syn-Ake® was developed using nature as a model according to the muscle relaxing active principle of the venom of the temple viper (tropidolaemus wagleri). Syn-Ake® relaxes and loosens muscle contractions in the face and makes the skin smoother, when regularly applied. The special concoction is rounded off by further high potential ingredients: Maritime collagen, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and last but not least narcissus tazetta, which with its natural ability to form perennating organs, helps to give the skin a more youthful appearance.

The cream be used as a day or night care. Apply as required after cleansing and spread gently in small circular movements. The cream does not leave behind a film and absorbs well.

Hyaluronsäure, Panthenol, Dormine, maritimes Collagen, Tetrapeptide, SYNAKE - Peptide

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